Sunday, April 14, 2013

on losing and gaining

aaaaand that's a wrap.

after nearly 8 months, i finally reached my goal yesterday.

i lost 60 pounds.

it's really hard for me to believe that i did it. i know that keeping healthy will be something i have to chose to do everyday, forever, but it feels like a million bucks to be here; at the end of one part and at the start of another. the losing is done, and the living is here. this is a new version of me and i'm outta-control-excited to feel good and be moving forward.

what's most crazy about the last 8 months is not what i lost, but what i learned. it's pretty crazy that something like weight loss reminded me to have hope. to keep trying. to be proud of myself.

my advice, if you have ever said to your self 'i could never do it' about anything, not just losing weight, is to stop. take it back. nobody ever said that anything in life would be easy, but if it's worth it, do it anyway. sweat your way through the hard part and reach your goal. 

i'll keep sweating (and cursing) my way through the hard stuff, because on the other side of struggle is a renewed sense of purpose. who knew?!

if the proof is in the pudding, then here's dessert. this is me the weekend before i started to lose the poundage. and here's me yesterday in my new dress that i bought in celebration of reaching my goal.
here's to reaching more goals, being less afraid of failure, and doing anything you put your mind to.



ovanapp said...

Way to go girl! So proud of you for all the hard work and dedication. I am with you on the choice every day thing. Keep it up though. Love the dress and how amazing you look in it! Very inspiring!

The Bille Family said...

You are amazing and shining and glowing! I love to see it all Shan! Your commitment and perseverance to reaching your goal is so inspiring!

Jana said...

Shannon, you look amazing! Way to go.